SPECTOL S1 | VICTAS Table Tennis Equipment

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country of manufacture
rubber type PIMPLE-OUT
rubber color red, black
sponge thickness 1.6, 2.0, MAX, 1.3
sponge hardness No
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SPECTOL S1 has been an outstanding classic for decades and is one of the most popular pips-out rubbers worldwide. It is made for uncompromising close-to-the-table players. The short, slightly tacky pimples of SPECTOL S1 enable easy “lift-loops” which makes it easy for you to alternate between passive playing and active attacking. SPECTOL S1 is an all-round pips-out rubber with just the right features for a wide variety of playing styles.


Sponge thickness: 1,3 | 1,6 | 2,0 | Max

Retail price: 38,90 €