en 卓球男子日本代表 オフィシャルウェア完成


2018 design reveal for the Japanese Men’s national table tennis team’s official uniform

The table tennis goods manufacturer VICTAS Inc. (HQ: Tokyo, Minato-ku; President & CEO Kodama Yoshinori) presents the new Japanese Men’s national table tennis teams official uniform.

The new design successfully integrates the sentiment break through to the top of the world” of the Japanese Men’s national table tennis team. The VICTAS line” noticeable on the wear represents the feelings of beating” and breaking through.

For the reborn VICTAS to Beat the current champion and become the champion of tomorrow” we will challenge the world together with the Japanese Men’s national table tennis team.

■ Features of the wear

Diagonally cut VICTAS line and color gradation

The image of beating” the current champion, breaking through” to the top and become the champion of tomorrow” are represented in the diagonal line and color gradation.


Total color coordination

Total color coordination” which is not common in table tennis wear, has an unprecedented impact and expresses the strength of the Japanese Men’s national table tennis team.



SALAMAX base fabric, and Viscotecs Production

Through the mixing with hydrophobic fiber, moisture is quickly absorbed and diffused to the fabric surface leading to a SALAMAX based product, that isn’t sticky and keeps one’s skin dry. Thanks to the high absorbency of the textile and the dryness of the skin, one doesn’t feel any discomfort even after playing dynamically. Due to the use of the dyeing technology Viscotecs” which leads to no hardening of the cloth after heat-treatment, the brilliant gradation is realized.

■Regarding VICTAS Inc.

Our company had its beginnings in 1931 with the manufacture of celluloid balls, 84 years later we expanded into a general table tennis goods manufacturer through our TSP” brand. 2011 we launched our new luxury brand VICTAS” which offers professionally made high-quality products to help guide players to tomorrows victory. Since April 2017, after entering into a contract between the Japan Table Tennis Association and the Japanese Men’s national team, VICTAS became the official supplier, and symbol for the dramatically evolving men’s national team.

In September 2017 Yamato Takkyu changed its company name to VICTAS, becoming THE brand for the upcoming generation of winners based on its brand concept of I AM NEXT.” We will defeat the current champions and support the advance of the players of the future.

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