Confirmed partnership with German player training institution “Master College”


Confirmed partnership with German player training institution “Master College”

The table tennis brand for the next generation “VICTAS” Confirmed its partnership with the German training institution “Master College” Starting October, 1st 2017 support for the slogan「I AM NEXT.」has started

VICTAS Inc. made this partnership with the player training institution “Master College”, to support its brand concept「I AM NEXT.」, which includes the meaning "THE brand for the upcoming generation of winners".

The contract player Muramatsu Yuto from VICTAS’s advisory staff, aiming for further success, trained at the Master College institute. Henceforth, as a part of our efforts to nurture the next generation of players, we will work together with “Master College”. As THE brand for the next generation, we will not only provide table tennis goods, but also support players skill development. Following our slogan「Beat the current champion and become the champion of tomorrow」VICTAS will challenge the world together with the players.

■Regarding “Master College”

“Master College” is Europe's best independent table tennis training center, which aims to turn talented players into players that can become the top 10 worldwide. There are 21 international players and 7 first class trainers enrolled. Based on its innovative player scouting and training concept, it is focused on nurturing talented young players.

■Regarding VICTAS Inc.

Our company had its beginnings in 1931 with the manufacture of celluloid balls, 84 years later we expanded into a general table tennis goods manufacturer through our「TSP」brand. 2011 we launched our new luxury brand「VICTAS」which offers professionally made high-quality products to help guide players to tomorrows victory. Since April 2017, after entering into a contract between the Japan Table Tennis Association and the Japanese Men’s national team, VICTAS is the official supplier of the men’s national team’s wear. In September 2017 VICTAS underwent a renewal to become THE brand for the upcoming generation of winners based on its brand concept of「I AM NEXT.」We will defeat the current champions and support the players of the future. Victas Inc. official website: