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We will continue to innovate to become tomorrow's winners.

Our company started producing celluloid balls in 1931 and has grown into a general manufacturer of table tennis items since 1985.
Over the years, the sport of table tennis has evolved in many ways, and on 1st of September 2017, we changed our company name from Yamato Takkyu Inc. to VICTAS Inc. to move forward to a new level.
In addition, the brand "TSP", which has been used by a wide range of people from professional players to fans of table tennis under the theme of "Total Support for Players", will be integrated into the "VICTAS" brand from the spring season of 2021.
We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all those who have used our products for many years. Ee will make every effort to provide better products to everyone by utilizing the strengths that the two brands have developed over the years.
We will continue to contribute to society through table tennis by conveying the fun and excitement of table tennis to not only table tennis players and fans, but also to the general public.
In recent years, the growing attention to table tennis has led to higher expectations for table tennis manufacturers, and we will continue to work to meet these expectations from the customer's perspective. We would like to thank you for your continued trust.

Corporate Vision

We bring table tennis to the next world.

Whether you are playing table tennis for the first time today
or whether you have been playing it for 70 years.

We will take everyone who loves table tennis into the next world.

You can be better. You can be stronger.
You can do things you couldn't do yesterday.
We will promote the next generation of table tennis
and expand the possibilities of table tennis.
As a sport that aims to be the best in the world,
as a sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime,
we will improve the image of table tennis.
We will exceed the past of table tennis.

Our history with table tennis in Japan.
A top brand supporting the Japanese national team.
A pioneer in changing the table tennis culture in Japan.
All of them are VICTAS.

We will improve the table tennis of tomorrow step by step.